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Djakou Kassi Nathalie's PROFILE

Name: Djakou Kassi Nathalie
Email ID: djakou2015@gmail.com
More about me.
Djakou kassi nathalie is ceramicist from cameroon. She has been inspired by art since her childwood. In 1992 she began her artistic studies in Institut de Formation Artistique of Mbalmayo in Cameroon and ended in 1998 in university. The same year, she taught in this school. In 2004 she was employed in centre d’art appliqué of mbalmayo in Cameroon as ceramist and also as chief manager of ceramic studio. She worked herself long time in her studio and obtained many distinctions awards and prices in and out of Cameroon instead of first African price of creativity of international salon of artcraft of Ouagadougou in Burkina faso in 2012.in 2013 she created a ceramic group DECERAM with whom she realised a lot of commissions and specials works.she appeared in many tv programs and magazines.in Cameroon she participated in a lot of collectives exhibitions and also abroad Actually she is established in Nigeria since 2015 and she already made many exhibitions like 2 two man shows with Ato Arinze, titled "BEYOND FUNCTIONS" in 2016 in Morehouse and (BEYOND FUNCTION 2)I in Quintessence in 2018.she also had many collectives exhibitions like with SNA Rivers in 2015 and 2016 in Presidential Hotelin Port Harcourt, the OREZE V exhibition in Onitsha in 2017, the PROVENANCE in Thought Pyramid Art Centre, the First Ibadan Affordable Art Fair in 2018 and the CTOBER RAIN 2018 with SNA in Thought Pyramids Art Centre in 2018.Now she lives in Lagos and continues to work in her studio.