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Nzennaya Barry Ikechukwu 's PROFILE

Name: Nzennaya Barry Ikechukwu
Email ID: barrynzenaya@yahoo.com
More about me.
Nzennaya Barry Ikechukwu was born in Lagos in 1983. He graduated from the federal polytechnic, oko, Anambra state. He studied fine and applied Arts and graduated as the best painting student with distinction in 2010. As an Artist he loves his expression to have no bounds, but was fascinated by the use of shapes and how they interact in creating forms and been used in the expression of his imaginative prowess. Barry was mentor by one of the most prolific Nigerian horse painter Abdulsalam Abdulkareem, but was greatly influenced by the works of great Yusuf Grillo, Sam Ebohon, Donald Onuoha and to the great masters such as Pablo Picasso and Paul Cezanne. Barry has participated in some exhibitions and art competitions. He is a full time studio Artist currently based in Lagos.