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Darey popoola's PROFILE

Name: Darey popoola
Email ID: dareypcode@gmail.com
More about me.
Damilare abiola popoola knows Darey Popoola.He is Nigeria visual Artist and abstract expressionist. Born in Lagos State.He was born December 18th 1992., Hail from Osun State.But he live in Lagos State at isolo..He Is very passionate about some art hence in background in artistic things like some of my creative, music, acting etc .which reflect on his hardworking. He started draw at age of 10 years old.at using any wrist able of some art material. He ha found interested some art piece hen he was Getting older & decided to develop of his details & making research &. Practicing exclusively. He was complete know some wisdom, knowledge and understand about some art universe. Ha Graduate art & design at yabatech (2014-2019) Darey Got inspiration from little accident of his society which makes of his Express himself using any medium like charcoal pencil, Oil painting, ballpoint pen l, acrylic, Disc sculpture & Glossy painting. He is very kind of art takes a lot of times as. It requires patience & persistence making a more shading come to life style & most impossible to believe it was a created by his work of art.