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The objective of this platform is to create an easy link where artworks produced by members of the Society of Nigerian Artist, Lagos State Chapter, are sold through the On-line Gallery of the Society. We hope that this development will help to boost the business of art collections among members. And, it will ease artists off the stress of having to take their works to gallery owners directly.

In view of this, we do encourage all members to make use of this platform, by putting up their works for sale here. The operation of this gallery is as follows;

1) Any user of this on-line gallery must be a member of SNA Lagos. If after 3 months the user is yet to register his/her membership, the user will be removed from the gallery and be denied access until his/her membership is effected.

2) Details of works such as Artist name, medium, title, size and prices are to be uploaded on the website with the work.

3) If any interest is shown by a prospective collector concerning any work, a notification message will be sent by SNA Lagos to the artist. First, to know the availability of such work, and secondly to negotiate on behalf of the collector if need be.

4) Where there are multiple requests concerning a particular work, then the first to signify interest is superior to others concerning that particular request.

5) The artist is expected to fill a separate porter (Registration page) on the gallery, where information such as artist background, e – mail address, studio address and phone number are provided for official use.

6) If a work is sold, 65% of the proceeds goes to the artist and 35% goes to SNA Lagos.